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Beyblade Burst QuadStrike (ベイブレードバースト クアッドストライク, Beiburēdo Bāsuto KuaddoSutoraiku; Beyblade Burst QuadStrike) is the seventh and final season of theBeyblade Burst anime, and the fourteenth season of theBeyblade anime overall. This is the first season of Beyblade Burst to have its debut outside of Japan.

On May 8th, 2023, the first twelve episodes became available to stream on Hulu, premiering the final two episodes of the batch and on August 7th, 2023, the final fourteen episodes became available, premiering the final seven episodes. The season also became available to stream on DisneyNOW in the US as it premiered on Disney XD and Hulu.


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The stage is set for a masquerade tournament, but the Dark Prince isn’t the only belle at this ball! Enter: the masked Blader known as ‘Quadra.’ Wielding her elemental Bey, Lightning Pandora, Quadra has defeated every foe to come her way. Meanwhile, Quadra’s brother, Pax, is busy studying the elemental powers radiating from a series of mysterious ruins nearby. Bel might be the Dark Prince, but this adventure is full of even darker secrets!



CharacterJapanese VAEnglish VA
Bel DaizoraMutsumi TamuraMorgan Berry
Pri ForsytheYō TaichiAnjali Kunapaneni
Pax ForsytheToshiki MasudaDarrel J Delfin
Valt AoiMarina InoueKimlinh Tran
Ranzo KiyamaFumihiro OkabayashiLuis Bermudez
Hanna SuiroRina HonnizumiMichelle Marie
Jinemon DaizoraYōhei TadanoFrank Todaro
Aiger AkabaneTomoko IkedaLaura Stahl
Dante KoryuMegumi HanErika Harlacher-Stone
Hikaru HizashiHaruka TomatsuJade Dennis
Hyuga HizashiNatsumi FujiwaraRyan Bartley
Shu KurenaiJunya EnokiAlan Lee
Ken MidoriTsubasa YonagaKieran Regan
Xander ShakaderaRikiya KoyamaAustin Lee Matthews
Kit LopezSatsumi MatsudaMelissa Mabie
Wakiya MurasakiYū KobayashiHoward Wang
Bashara SuiroKatsumi f*ckuharaBeau Bridgland
Moné SuiroWei RyokoDorah Fine
Himeko MidoriEri MiyajimaMaureen Price

Episodes (Anime)

Main article: List of Beyblade Burst QuadStrike episodes


Opening Themes

  • Darkness Turns to Light by Our Last Night

Ending Themes

  • Darkness Turns to Light (Instrumental)

Broadcast Times

  • Disney XD (US): Weekdays at 3:00 P.M. EST (episodes 1-5) / every Saturday at 10:00 A.M. EST (episodes 6-13) / every Saturday at 9:00 A.M. EST (episodes 14-21) / every Saturday at 10:30 A.M. EST (episodes 22-26).
  • Cartoon Network (Canada): Every Sunday at 12:30 P.M. EST.
  • TVNZ 2 (New Zealand): Every weekday at 7:50 A.M. NZST (episodes 1-4, 13-21, 23, and 25) / every weekday at 7:45 A.M. NZST (episodes 5-12) / every weekday at 7:55 A.M. NZST (episodes 22, 24, and 26).
  • 9Go! (Australia): Every Sunday at 10:00 A.M. AEST.



English Trailer

BEYBLADE QUADSTRIKE Teaser Ranzo Kiyama ver.

English Teaser narrated by Ranzo.

BEYBLADE BURST QuadStrike Opening Theme

English Opening Sequence


Full Opening Theme

Beyblade Burst QuadStrike is Here! - Trailer - Beyblade Burst QuadStrike - @disneyxd

Disney XD Commercial


Battle Reel

Ranzo's Diary- Dante and Ken - BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE

Dante Koryu and Ken Midori character spot narrated by Ranzo.


Pri Forsythe character spot.


English poster.

English poster (widescreen version).


  • This is the only season of the Beyblade Burst anime to not be based on the Beyblade Burst manga.
    • The manga run ended prior to the airing of this season; the ending of the season closely mirrors the ending of the manga.
  • Due to this season debuting in western countries rather than Japan, this season is the first season to use Hasbro Beyblades instead of their original Takara Tomy counterparts.
    • However, the Japanese production scripts and titles still retain the names of the Takara Tomy Beyblades (ex. Gatling Dragon instead of Gambit Dragon).
  • QuadStrike is the first Burst season to get a localized opening sequence with no episode visuals, to feature sound effects in the opening, and to not use a shortened down version of the opening sequence with a split screen for the ending credits.
  • With QuadStrike debuting with its localized release, it continues to use a screenshot from the episodes for its title cards just like Beyblade Burst Rise, Surge, and QuadDrive did, but unlike the previous two seasons, they do not use a screenshot from the season's own episodes. Instead, the title cards use a shot of Phantom's Gate that debuted in the previous season's second episode.
  • This is the only season of the Burst Series to not have a Beyblade destroyed.


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Beyblade Burst QuadStrike (2024)


How many episodes will Beyblade burst QuadStrike have? ›

Beyblade Burst QuadStrike
No. of episodes26
Original networkDisney XD
Original releaseApril 3 – August 7, 2023
5 more rows

Are QuadDrive and QuadStrike the same? ›

Let's go Beyblade Burst! Quad Strike is the evolution of Quad Drive. The 4 in one system has returned. The new system has unique design armor tips.

What is the strongest Beyblade in Beyblade Burst game? ›

Xiphoid Xcalibur Spread' Xtreme'-1 makes a good claim for being one of the most aggressive and powerful Attack type Burst Beyblades, and a top tier choice for those looking to Burst or Knock-Out opponents with ease.

Who is the current champion in Beyblade Burst QuadDrive? ›

As the top ranked blader in the world, Valt Aoi continues his blading career with his evolved lightning bey, Brave Valtryek.

Is Beyblade QuadStrike over? ›

Beyblade Burst QuadStrike (ベイブレードバースト クアッドストライク, Beiburēdo Bāsuto KuaddoSutoraiku; Beyblade Burst QuadStrike) is the seventh and final season of the Beyblade Burst anime, and the fourteenth season of the Beyblade anime overall.

Who is the main villain in Beyblade Burst QuadStrike? ›

Pax Forsythe is the main antagonist in the anime series, Beyblade Burst QuadStrike. He is the older brother of Pri Forsythe. After breaking away from Pri his research on Pandora, he created and fought with his own Quad Bey, Ruin Pandemonium Karma-Q Spiral-Q+Lucent-4'.

How tall is Valt Aoi in QuadDrive? ›

Much like Kyoya Tategami and Benkei Hanawa from the Metal Saga, none of the original members from the Beigoma Academy BeyClub represented Japan in international competitions, including Valt. According to the manga, his height is only 130 cm.

Does Aiger appear in Beyblade burst QuadDrive? ›

Valt!, it was revealed that Aiger lost his title of World Champion to Valt sometime between Surge and QuadDrive. In Beyblade Burst QuadStrike, Aiger returned with his new Quad Beyblade, Zeal Achilles Giga-Q Massive-Q+Quattro II-10.

What does GT mean in Beyblade? ›

The GT abbreviation in the Japanese title stands for "GaTinko". This season ties with Beyblade: G-Revolution and Beyblade: Metal Fury with the highest episode count being 52 Japanese episodes and also ties with Beyblade: Shogun Steel with being the shortest Beyblade season internationally being 26 22-minute episodes.

What is the top 1 Beyblade? ›

For us, the most powerful Beyblade is L-Drago due to its owner Ryuga being arguably the most powerful Beyblader. He lost only two battles, one of which was to Gingka, and the plot of that episode was that Ryuga's Bey L-Drago was controlling him. Check Out Our Full Beyblade Collection Here!

How old is Shu in Beyblade Burst Quadstrike? ›

Shu's official Birthday is September 23rd. At the beginning of Beyblade Burst (Spring 2017) he was 11 years old, according to the manga.

Who is stronger, Free or Valt? ›

Naturally Valt accepts but Free easily wins. However, the training helped shape Genesis Valtyrek's tip, and Valt thanks Free, who is genuinely flabbergasted by Valt's actions.

Who has a crush on Valt? ›

But Aiger develops a small crush on the number one blader in all of Japan, Valt Aoi who also goes to Beigoma Academy. But Fubuki Sumine and Toko Aoi are also attracted to him and will do anything to have Aiger to themselves.

Who defeated Valt Aoi? ›

With his Wonder Valtryek, he successfully defended the title against multiple challengers, including Big Five members, Lui Shirosagi and Silas Karlisle, but he lost to Aiger Akabane in a match that destroyed his Wonder Valtryek.

What happened to Valt Aoi? ›

It was destroyed by Aiger's Z Achilles during their championship match. Turbo Valtryek Zenith Evolution: Valt's Turbo Awakening Beyblade in the Turbo anime and manga series. Sword Valtryek Blitz Power Retsu: Valt's Gamma Beyblade in the Beyblade Burst Rise anime and manga series.

Is Beyblade burst Quadrive the last season? ›

Despite being succeeded by Beyblade Burst QuadStrike, this is the final season of Beyblade Burst to debut in Japan.

What happens in Beyblade Burst QuadStrike? ›

Beyblade Burst QuadStrike (2023)

The stage is set for a masquerade tournament, but the Dark Prince isn't the only belle at this ball! Enter: the masked Blader known as Quadra. Wielding her elemental Bey, Lightning Pandora, Quadra has defeated every foe to come her way.

What is the last episode of Beyblade burst QuadDrive? ›


Fainaru Batoru!) ​ is the fifty-second and final episode of the Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle anime and the final episode of the Beyblade Burst anime series to debut in Japan. It first aired on March 18th, 2022 in Japan.

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