Planetary Settlement (2024)

Planetary Settlement (1)The subject of this article is from the Waypoint update.

The information from this article is up-to-date as of 21 February, 2023.

The subject of this article is from the Waypoint update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 21 February, 2023.

Planetary Settlement
Planetary Settlement (2)
CategoryInhabited Outpost
DescriptionPlanetary Settlement

Planetary Settlement is a point of interest.


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Game Description
  • 3 Important Buildings
    • 3.1 Settlement Hub Interface
    • 3.2 Construction Terminal
    • 3.3 Overseer's Office
  • 4 Settlement Administration Terminal
  • 5 Settlement Status
    • 5.1 Settlement Class
    • 5.2 Settlement Features
    • 5.3 Production Status
  • 6 Settlement Decisions
  • 7 Citizens
  • 8 Additional Information
  • 9 Gallery
    • 9.1 Mechanics
    • 9.2 Settlement Examples

Summary[ | ]

Planetary Settlements are one of the various Points of Interest in No Man's Sky. There are several settlements per planet and they can be in close proximity or far away.

Planets may have multiple settlements. They can be found with Settlement Charts, purchased from the space station cartographer.

Settlements are currently unavailable on Nintendo Switch, at least as of Update 4.50.

Game Description[ | ]

Assist the local population in the construction of a planetary settlement. Perform key actions at the Settlement Interface or in the Overseer's Office.

As overseer of a settlement, you will make key decision[sic], direct the construction of buildings and resolve disputes between citizens.

A well-managed settlement will produce plenty of materials - enough that a sucessful overseer may claim surplus resources each day. However, unproductive settlements may go into debt. Construct new buildings and set new policies from the overseers office to turn the settlement around, reduce its debts and improve the lives of its citizens.

Warning: Settlements will periodically attract the attention of sentinel forces. Check the current sentinel alert levels from the settlement management interface. The Overseer may have to defend the settlement against sentinel attacks.

Important Buildings[ | ]

Settlement Hub Interface[ | ]

This interface is typically found at a Monolith at the center of the settlement. Different actions are available:

  • Apply to be the Overseer of the settlement.
  • Check the status of the settlement.

Construction Terminal[ | ]

Once you have been accepted as Overseer, look for the Construction Terminal nearby. It will be a red icon floating somewhere within 50u of the central monolith where you accepted your new duties. This is where you will be able to start building your Overseer's Office. It requires Silicate Powder to begin, and there is a delay before it accepts the next item.

Overseer's Office[ | ]

A player that takes over the role of the settlement's Overseer must first build its own office. This is accomplished at the construction terminal. In three sequential steps, the player is required to provide materials to construct the office, and wait the advised time for the steps to complete:

  1. Supply about 210 Silicate Powder or Ferrite Dust to the site (90s wait).
  2. Supply 5 Metal Platings to the site (90s wait).
  3. Supply 3 Microprocessors to the site (90s wait).

After the Office is complete, a Settlement Administration Terminal and a Base Teleport Module are available inside.

Settlement Administration Terminal[ | ]

The settlement administration terminal will be found inside the Settlement Overseer office after it has been constructed. At this terminal it is possible to:

  • Check the status of the settlement.
  • Determine the priority of Construction Opportunities for the settlement.
  • Meet with visiting NPC aliens that have special requests.
  • Resolve Citizen Disputes.
  • Endorse or deny Citizen Requests.

Settlement Status[ | ]

Planetary Settlement (3)

Settlements have a few stats that say a lot about them.

Each settlement starts with random values for stats, usually low. By making decisions on construction, policies, citizens disputes, citizen requests and greeting new people, these stats will be changed in different directions.

Settlement Class[ | ]

Like many features in the game, settlements have a Class, which is defined by the Population, Productivity, Happiness and Maintenance of the settlement. It can range from C (very bad) to S (very good).

Encountering a fresh A+ Class settlement is (very) unlikely, and the exact chances are unknown. However, by improving your settlement, it will eventually increase to S-Class.

Settlement Features[ | ]

Settlements always have 6 Features, and each of them can be either positive or negative.

Whenever a new Feature is gained through a Decision, be it positive or negative, it is added to the list of Settlement Features, replacing the worst feature.

The following characteristics of a settlement may be affected by such features, as described in the related articles:

  • Happiness
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Population
  • Productivity
  • Sentinel Alert Level

Production Status[ | ]

At the bottom of the Settlement Overview screen, the Production Status section shows two resources that the settlement produces, which can be claimed by the Overseer every 20 real life hours.

However, if there is any Settlement Debt, it must first be paid in order for the production to be restored.

The items that can be produced changes with each settlement. A resource in large amount is shown on the left side, while a more valuable resource that is produced in an amount 10 times lower is shown on the right side.

The final amount produced of both resources changes according to settlement Population, Happiness, Productivity and Maintenance Cost.

Settlement Decisions[ | ]

The decisions you take direct the development of your settlement.

Decisions show one at a time at intervals of 15 minutes to 2 hours. You always decide between two options.

If you have already taken a decision for a Construction Opportunity, but you have not finished building the structure yet, you can still get new decisions to show up.

The following articles provide additional detail based upon the type of decision required:

  • Citizen Disputes
  • Citizen Requests
  • Construction Opportunities
  • New Arrivals
  • Policy Decisions

Citizens[ | ]

The settlement is inhabited by NPC aliens that can be interacted with.

Citizens are persistent NPCs that inhabit player settlements. Citizens will wander the town according to routines which include things like working, visiting specific buildings, or hanging out at saloons. During danger scenarios like storms or Sentinel raids citizens will stay inside. Their mood, communicated to the player through thoughts, is influenced by the overall happiness of the settlement, as well as their reactions to your decisions.

Each citizen has a unique name chosen from a pool which is persistent across play sessions. The amount of citizens displayed under population is not equal to the amount of NPCs walking around in a settlement at any given time. However, the amount of unique NPCs generated per settlement appears to be limited by the town's population.

Additional Information[ | ]

  • Settlements do not exist in Uncharted systems or Abandoned systems.
  • A player may only be the Overseer for one Settlement at a time. It is possible to have more settlements in different saves, but they will be glitchy.
  • A player can switch to a different Settlement by investing a certain amount of race-specific resource (3 GekNip for Gek) and renouncing their current post.
  • Settlements always have 6 Features, positive or negative. New features replace existing ones.

Gallery[ | ]

Mechanics[ | ]

Settlement Examples[ | ]

  • Planetary Settlement (29)

    A settlement on a lush planet

  • Planetary Settlement (30)

    A settlement on a toxic planet

  • Planetary Settlement (31)

    A settlement on a frozen planet

  • Planetary Settlement (32)

    A settlement on a scorched planet

  • Planetary Settlement (33)

    A settlement on an irradiated planet (near a crashsite)

Planetary Settlement (2024)
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